Your Guilty Pleasures/Unpopular Opinions

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  1. Chrismas95

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    It's simple: thoughts you have or things you do that not many other people would find normal, but you still hold onto it anyways. For me, my unpopular opinions are:
    -I like the not-marshmallows in Lucky Charms more than the marshmallows
    -The lack of EXP in battles and a few obscure puzzles were the only things wrong with Paper Mario: Sticker Star
    -Yellow is the ugliest color by far and VERY rarely looks decent
    -The "berry" Pop Tarts and the like are gross
    -Spending money on F2P games isn't a sin
    -Flavored drinks aren't worth having most of the time
    -Gen V of Pokemon was the best while Gen IV was the worst
    -Spiders are cool and should not be harmed

    Guilty Pleasures:
    -Youtube Poops
    -Eating way too many Pop Tarts
    -Preferring tilt controls in most situations
    -The Ball Rolling mechanic in the Mario Galaxy games
    -Using the Gunslinger (I'M SORRY)
    -Preferring to watch games instead of play them
    -Using emotes on Twitch a lot
    -Playing on silly, "awful" stages in Smash like PAC-LAND and PokeFloats
    -Listening to the same song on repeat exclusively for almost an entire week

    To name a few. More might come to mind and I'll edit this list when they do. Until then, what about YOU?!
  2. Zopeda3K

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    -looks don't define people in any way.
    -Higher ups are 85% of the time more stupid than anyone in 6th grade.
    -poptarts are meh.
    -Oreos are better whitout milk.

    This indeed.
    -The "bad" videos of Ace/Aegis.
    -Space Channel 5

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  3. Apple Engi

    Apple Engi Space Butterfly

    - Jeans are very uncomfortable.
    - Pyro is the most fun class in TF2.
    - Phones should never be on your butt pocket ever.
    - Bru is cool (even though still doesn't notice me).

    Guilty Pleasures:
    - Japanese Power Rangers.
    - Kpop.
    - TV Tropes
    - Items in Smash.
    - Coin Mode.
  4. Chrismas95

    Chrismas95 Always watching Staff Member

    These two. I made a name for myself by being the nerd who think khakis are comfortable.
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  5. coltmanfraco

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    -Cargo shorts through all seasons
    -Sandals with socks are fucking comfortable okay
  6. Apple Engi

    Apple Engi Space Butterfly

    Not as bad as people think, although socks get hella dirty later.
  7. NombreGenerico89

    NombreGenerico89 Still plays MvM

    I dont like Final Fantasy.

    Reaction videos as guilty pleasure.
  8. Azureus

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    Guilty pleasures include animes with loads of cute girls, genuinely enjoying the Rocky movies beyond the first one (the newest one doesn't make that) and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  9. Shory

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    Peanut butter doesn't require anything but bread to work.

    I got nothing of a guilty pleasure to mention atm.
  10. Count Latecat

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    Quilty pleasure:

    no I am not taking this seriously, captain.
  11. Azureus

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  12. Zopeda3K

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    Oh, but they are.
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