Upcoming pyro changes. (Predictions/Discussion)

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Zopeda3K, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Zopeda3K

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    Now that team pyro has won, maybe unsurprisingly, we know there are some tweaks and maybe some weapon packs coming down the line.

    Some say Valve will surely buff the phlog once again. I personally hope they change it to be an afterburn centric weapon, hopefully being more true to its description/set theme, so that the backburner is set as the crit centric flamethrower and, maybe, further tweak the degreaser to make it more of a speed weapon instead of just switch time enabler.

    I'd like that they buff afterburn in general, as it stands, afterburn just barely finishes off already injured players and is pretty much negated any time there's a medic/health pack nearby, aside from the fact that it was "supposed to be threatening and disorienting".

    As well as trying to fix most known bugs, such as the ones seen on "frompyrowithlove", especially the inconsistent flames.

    What do yo guys think are the best changes that can come to pyro?
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  2. Asauce

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    A tf2 update has been released:

    -Pyro has been removed from the game
  3. Spark

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    If the pyro patch would actually just be the heavy patch that would be the best possible scenario IMO. BRASS BEAST NERFS WHYYYYY
  4. Zopeda3K

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    Heh, that's one heck of a solution, I tell ya hwat.
    Here's to them un-nerfing the sandvich.