Tough Break Update!

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by JR., Dec 17, 2015.

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    You can nerf the Degreaser, but jesus my poor baby the Axtinguisher :(

    Updates pretty good so far, cant wait to see the Festivizers. I want my Strange Killstreak Festive Field Tested Current Events Scattergun (& Knuckles)

    Also curious to see how the Strange Transfer works.
  5. JR.

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    The strange transfer moves all strange kills from one weapon to another, just in case you wanna upgrade to a new skin or variant of it.
    It'll leave the original weapon with no kills though. You can craft them with 2 strange parts.
  6. Guy with jeans

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    Im not sure if I wanted to buy the contracts. On a side note someone linked me this picture when I asked if I should buy them
  7. Yozzoy

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    Also by god the Phlog is just busted right now. I refuse to play against it until they fix it.
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  8. Daikenki

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    >buffing the Phlog
    Valve you guys are so silly
  9. Juicy Jay

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    They nerfed engies, sappers disable buildings longer rescue ranger bolts heal less.
  10. jeff

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    This is now a "how the fuck do we fix the phlog?" thread
    So I'll throw a few different ideas out there.
    • Keep one, remove the other: completely invincible startup, instant full heal
    • -25 health on user
    • MMMPH produces mini-crits instead of full-crits / MMMPH takes longer to build
    • Remove entirely and tell anyone with a strange/killstreak to go fuck themselves with a rusty fork
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  11. Debatra

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    Here is my entry for the revised Phlog stats. Note that you replace EVERYTHING on the Phlog with the following:

    The Phlogistinator
    Level X Flame Thrower

    Build 'Mmmph' by dealing fire damage.
    Reload on full 'Mmmph': Taunt to refill health and gain 100% critical chance for 10 seconds.
    80% damage resistance while 'Mmmph' taunting.

    Critical hits, telefrags and taunt-kills bypass damage resistance
    No random critical hits
    Airblast only extinguishes burning players and can extinguish burning enemies
    No health gain on extinguish

    I've intentionally left the buildup time and no damage penalty alone, while leaving in a way to beat it. Also note the lack of knockback resistance.
  12. Fiends

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    this is why i dont play games
  13. Chrismas95

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    The funny part is that this can also be used for DOING the contracts (especially the bonuses) where it DOES feel like you're here forever