The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

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    The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (or TPP) has been recently coming to light and its reach and power stretches far. A chapter of this agreement was release on Wikileaks October 9th, 2015, and since then has had major followings in the past week. Gaming outlets like Jim Sterling's Jimquisition and news channels such as Young Turks or the BBC has been bringing up this topic - even The Huffington Post and other various news sites - and how it would affect the life of the everyday person. Governments have been trying to inform their people about the agreement (Canada, Australia, USA, etc.), and opposition has already begun. This agreement been in the works as early as 2008, and was recently agreed upon on the 5th of October, 2015. As for what this agreement entails, you can read into it if it interests you. What is your opinion on the matter? For or against? Is this something that could encroach on our liberties or something that would benefit us in the long run?
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    TL;DR for those lazy, like me?
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  3. trump hates china
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    Loads of points, but major ones include:
    • Mainly benefits large corporations and shareholders, not so much everyone else
    • Incentives on ISP's to provide consumer information
    • Global Extension (of agreed countries) of copyrights - US's copyright laws equivalent to the other countries
    • Criminal prosecution of those who have trade secrets (whistleblowers)
    • Full ban on DRM circumvention
    • Criminal punishment and seizure/destruction of devices (I pirate, get caught, police arrest, PC destroyed)
    • Criminal prosecution of those that have illegally obtained copyrighted material
    • Most of the deal was conducted in secrecy
    • Wikileaks leaking a chapter of this effectively just violated most of its terms
  5. yeah that sounds pretty gay and like something the higher ups would try to pass without people knowing. the Uz
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    So that is what I have been getting emails about every 5-10 days from some "fight for the future" -group.

    Yeah, I'm against it.
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    Didn't realize that this kind of stuff was going on. It seems like it's getting more and more traction.