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should the forums stay up

  1. no, nobody uses them. they should be taken down

  2. yes. i'm spark and i have false hope of site activity

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  1. ARB

    ARB bobbeh Staff Member

    4 threads out of 5 are daikenki posts which he refuses to put in the megathread. spark has taken away the mods' ability to correct this and now the title of "moderator" is basically just for people who want a blue name

    the other 1 thread out of 5 is demo requests. i don't know if ace actually responds/does anything with these so i can't comment. but these are basically what the forums WOULD be for, if anybody actually cared to come here

    the sad fact of the matter is that af2 died a painless death in 2014 and shouldn't have been brought back in the first place. but for whatever reason spark wanted them to so here we are.

    spark, if you wanted to give daikenki an outlet you could have just said so. there was no need to remind us of the blunder years
  2. JR.

    JR. Kick JR Staff Member

  3. Spark

    Spark Owl King Staff Member


    But for real though the lack of activity is because everyone moved to the discords that were formed and grown after the forums were already brought back. There's plenty of people who are still active as a community and the forum acts as a sort of magnet for people who happen to drop by. Either way mods are supposed to clean up ACTUAL spam, not just posts you don't like.
  4. Zopeda3K

    Zopeda3K Imported Fresh

    Yeh, discord is pretty much the new shoutbox (at least for some). which is either good or bad depending who you ask.

    If there was a legit post at least once a week by the people there maybe we'd see some good numbers (Im no better in that regard, but still).

    you could also argue there's too many cooks in the mod kitchen. and that this thread shouldnt be in unmod.

    but, what do I know.
  5. Guy with jeans

    Guy with jeans Shark fighter

    The discord is pretty dead too.