Syrian Conflict Megathread

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Who do you side with in the Syrian Civil War?

  1. Syrian Government

  2. Kurds

  3. Free Syrian Army

  4. ISIS

  5. Various Islamist factions (Jabhat al-Nusra)

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  1. I didn't say i disapproved of the revolution itself. Dictators should be overthrown. But they just replaced him with a theocratic dictator.
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    Gump what has you so interested in the politics in the east?
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    I'm on the Speech & Debate team and I do Extemporaneous Speaking. You draw three questions concerning current events and you have 30 minutes to write and memorize a 7 minute speech without the Internet.
  4. cheese kurds
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    nice meme
    sounds like a fun time, are there competitions?
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  8. why so syrian
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    I believe the western countries should help out Middle East, especially Great Britain. Many of the problems stems from the western world, and I believe they should help fix the situation instead of not giving a flying fuck. It's not right to create that sort of destabilization in a region, and before they know it those terrorist will come back to avenge what the governments have done. And frankly, some western countries deserve it if that happens.
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    WHY IS THERE NO RUSSIA OPTION?????????????????????????????
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    Before being sure on that opinion, you should know that NATO governments like the UK intentionally created this war, and care much more about geopolitical objectives than the lives of innocent Arabs. They destabilized Syria by arming and training radical Islamist factions to topple democratically-elected, secular leaders like Assad. Now they're using the guise of "fixing the situation" to drop bombs into cities. If you want more info on why the fuck nations like the US and UK want an unstable Middle East, which the mainstream media hasn't addressed, you should have a look some of the reporting done by Paul Joseph Watson on the issue.

    But even in a false history where this conflict was genuine and arose by itself, who are we (the first world superpowers) to play God and decide the results? Remind me how most of our own governments came into being. Not by some ridiculously powerful third party from continents away arming violent zealots to run amok in the region, then bombing the shit out of said region.

    TLDR, I made a picture
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    I know mostly that the war is intended by US and UK (although I really don't know why, my guess is oil). Since English isn't my primary language, I might have understood some of what you said in a different way.
    I don't really think US and UK should care in the first place, but since they've exploited many parts of the world to build up what they are today, I think it's just about right they go back and fix what they've started. But they probably wont, because their interest is still to have an unstable region to benefit from, which I actually thought they wouldn't do in this day and age.
  13. wise words from the self proclaimed heroine and meme addict
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