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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fiends, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Fiends

    Fiends chow chow chan

    How has everyone changed over the years?
    Show me your hoorible mugshots.

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  2. Bru

    Bru Eloisa

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  3. no disrespect meant maam but why do you have an album of selfies at your disposal like it's part of your resume
  4. Bru

    Bru Eloisa

    this is why
  5. job interview game
  6. suttles

    suttles Unremarkable member

    wtf bru im the only girl gamer on this site..
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  7. PixelatedDeluge

    PixelatedDeluge aka PixelatedTaco

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  8. Chrismas95

    Chrismas95 Always watching Staff Member

  9. Guy with jeans

    Guy with jeans Shark fighter

    I didn't want to tell anybody, but if I must. I am really Mr.Foster.
    No but really here I am with my stupid baby face.
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  10. Ethan

    Ethan Solid Play

    Why not? Have a picture from when I was last outside Sure..jpg
    (Turning the collar up was my worst idea ever)
  11. Shory

    Shory Scarcely lethal member

    I've turned beardy since our last meeting.
  12. Speary

    Speary ᵖᶫᵉᵃˢᵉ ʳᵘᵇ ᵐʸ ᵍᵃʸ ᶰᶦᵖᵖᶫᵉˢ

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  13. Chrismas95

    Chrismas95 Always watching Staff Member

    This one is much more recent (as of 15 minutes ago), but iunno I still feel like I look the same:
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  14. Fiends

    Fiends chow chow chan

    gonna need like 40 gay ratings for this Kreygasm
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  15. Walnut

    Walnut Strange member

    i should have never looked at this thread i prefer my mental images
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  16. pooaw

    pooaw Unremarkable member

    Here's me trying to be a blues brother 11698973_1014801445211267_3088618394645665684_o.jpg

  17. Count Latecat

    Count Latecat The finncat Staff Member

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  18. Fiends

    Fiends chow chow chan

    about right
  19. coltmanfraco

    coltmanfraco Scarcely lethal member

    This isn't even the same without everyone posting fake pictures. You people are too mature now, please leave.