MGS5 (possible spoilers)

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  1. can you condense that
  2. although you calling this a bethesda game with stealth is really funny because MGSV's strongsuit is it's gameplay lol get out pleb
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    Condensed version: story is shit, gameplay is fun, open world is shit and makes gameplay worse in some ways, ending is shit.

    I mainly wrote that out because some of my friends have wanted to know my opinion on it for a while. Now I can just put this on pastebin and I'm donezo.
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    The story is definitely not up to par as with the rest of the games, but the gameplay is pretty damn solid (pun hehe). I do have to admit that the whole stealth aspect of the game kinda went down the craphole. The side-ops are a huge let down, and don't get me started on those damn animals, but overall I still feel it's damn good game, it just doesn't quite live up to its predecessors. I think that's the side-effect on trying to have MGSV try to be more "with the times". Multiplayer (FOBs) is fun though, it mixes things up for sure, MGSO3 looks buggy as shit, and broken, but we'll see how it turns out once it's released.
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    Course! I had quite a bit of fun and think the game was well done, but there are a few reasons it needs to be criticized. Kojima has done better in the past, critics gave it 100 10/10's, and Konami may try to make an MGS without Kojima in the future. If that does somehow happen, the problems with the game should be known so we don't get the exact same game with a different coat of paint.