Keys went back up.

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by v0ider, May 20, 2016.

  1. v0ider

    v0ider Strange member

    Can we just keep the keys at 3 ref again?
  2. Azureus

    Azureus ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ Staff Member

    We need an actual use for metal if we want keys to return to anything below 15 refined a piece.
  3. Daikenki

    Daikenki My shitposts have valet parking

    You mean crafting into hats isn't an actual use?
  4. Zopeda3K

    Zopeda3K Imported Fresh

    Unless they make it to be 3 or 4 rec instead of 3 reff, its a waste.
  5. Azureus

    Azureus ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ Staff Member

    Nah, people hardly ever craft hats anymore either. What we would need is an entirely new way of using metal that people would actively use over a longer period of time. That would force the amount of metal in circulation down, thus making metal more valuable.
  6. Guy with jeans

    Guy with jeans Shark fighter

    Inn merr days keys were 2.33 ref and the engineer got his first update mmmhmmm sonny.