Gonna take a random guess AND WISH AF2 A HAPPY 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daikenki, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Daikenki

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    Things I really miss
    • Ace's duped Unusual hats
    • "A good video"
    • AF2 trade server w/ Blood Sugar and Propane Nightmares (rip Develo)
    • the ACES group team stacking (those rat bastards)
    • Roastluck
    • The AF2 custom server (especially that pirate ship Payload)
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  2. Azureus

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  3. Spark

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    Remember when Tootis was kill? Yes. Remember why? No.
  4. Azureus

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    Something about the trade server map, I think? Tootis made it, but I don't recall which part of the aftermath got him banned.
  5. Zopeda3K

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    They power the forums to this day.
    Twas about a password IIRC, and betraying Ace?
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    I just found out this forum is slighty alive again... Hi...
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    Jakob it's easter

    Go be with your family only admins get to be on the forums on Easter
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