Drawing your shizz

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Bru, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Bru

    Bru Eloisa

    Rules: I draw what I wan. They'll be doodles, not works of art.

  2. Daikenki

    Daikenki My shitposts have valet parking

    Draw a daikenki
  3. Spark

    Spark Owl King Staff Member

    Mix between barn owl and shyguy please and thank you.
  4. ARB

    ARB bobbeh Staff Member

    please to be drawing mario riding yoshi while they're both stoned as shit
  5. Madd Freeman

    Madd Freeman Very mad, very un-free.

    A happy squid doing a bucket of cocaine.
  6. JR.

    JR. Kick JR Staff Member

    The most detailed quiche you can possibly draw. Something you would frame on the wall as art.
  7. Azureus

    Azureus ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ Staff Member

    Puppies. c:
  8. Fiends

    Fiends chow chow chan

    draw slark from dota
    qt fish men
  9. Bru

    Bru Eloisa

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  10. Madd Freeman

    Madd Freeman Very mad, very un-free.

    It's...it's glorious.
  11. Metawe

    Metawe Unremarkable member

    a cat with shades driving a convertible car in the middle of a snow storm
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  12. hoi

    hoi Ramen Kider

    draw a temmie from Undertale holding a gun with a human hand
  13. Apple Engi

    Apple Engi Space Butterfly

    Draw a new profile picture for me pls
  14. Count Latecat

    Count Latecat The finncat Staff Member

    <--- please. Once again.

    Alternatively, since some people call me lattecat, a white cup of coffee with a blue cross can do, thanks.
  15. Aegis

    Aegis Administrator Staff Member

    I'll kill u
  16. Seventh

    Seventh 卐 For the Führer 卐 Staff Member

    I need me some hardcore tentacle hentai
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  17. Chrismas95

    Chrismas95 Always watching Staff Member

    A Jamaican Rice Rat
  18. Juicy Jay

    Juicy Jay Yo...Did He Just Walk Up Slowly and Post

    Edit:Never mind go with the latter
    Zss with a lollipop calmly playing the aqua blue original 3ds
    Thank you very much
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  19. Zopeda3K

    Zopeda3K Imported Fresh

    disregard animation
    + this

    + this
    If you please <3