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Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Aegis, Oct 18, 2015.

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    I was hoping you could do a review of this Soldier POV from a Silver Product scrim. I'm especially looking to get better at shutting down the Sniper (he went off) but really any tips or flaws you could point out would be helpful.

  2. Aegis

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    Will review tonight before the matches! (~7 PM EST)
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    review my demo
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    up to date
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    If you miss your demo review, you might want to try going through the "past broadcasts" section on Aegis' stream. I realize it probably isn't ideal, but fast-forwarding between chunks to find your replay is going to let you see the replay without having to upload a separate video. Not sure about demo reviews going on YouTube or not but it can definitely be looked at.
  11. InterstellarBanana

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    This was a lobby on Badwater. I recently switched mains to Heavy, and need to know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks if you take the time to review this!
  12. Aegis

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    Lobbies are very bad to review since your team is composed of random people, and you often don't get punished for mistakes.
    If you could get a demo from a scrim, that would be a lot more helpful.
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    What a shame. I have joined a team recently, but it was formed mid-season so we didn't have a chance to play. Also, our leader's PC is broken so he can't organise stuff at the moment. '~'
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    I'm the worst hl soldier I know. I'm a decent mid 6s roamer but as soon as I play hl I miss everything and I'm dead non-stop. Honestly I feel like I need to quit hl because after a scrim I always feel depressed. I don't mean annoyed or whatever but seriously suicide-depressed. Please help me become at least slightly less atrocious and worthless. I'd really appreciate it. If you have any other tips on resources for getting better, please tell me.
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    I don't know if you're exaggerating or not but if you feel suicide-level depressed from anything you really need to talk to somebody about it. Don't get discouraged based on your performance in a game- ultimately it doesn't really matter even if you want to go pro. Just learn from your mistakes and keep on keepin' on. That's all you need to do. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can reasonably expect anything more.
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