Cloud in smash

Discussion in 'Non-Steam Games' started by Guy with jeans, Nov 12, 2015.

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    So this is a thing? I guess it doubles as promo for Dissidia and the remake of VII.
  3. Juicy Jay

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    Smash 4 players be like
    But anyways seems interesting wonder how the smash team will make him different other than his limit break from other swordsmen on the game
  4. Chrismas95

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    Can't doubt that it's silly. I think Ryu being leaked spoiled the hype for an actual insane reveal like this. Copy-pasted Final Smash is a given, but at least he doesn't seem to have a counter and his sword stands out a la Shulk. Hoping Smash doesn't just turn into a big marketing thing, since this seems like a promotion (but I think it gets a slide because of Cloud's status).
    It also actually opens up Goku having a possibility, which I wouldn't mind since it'll kill a bad joke that's been plaguing the community for centuries. We all know his Final Smash will still be copypasted if he makes it in, though.