AUSDOM AW310 Review

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    Just a small recap of what was mentioned at the end of the video.
    The AUSDOM AW310 is a fine camera for the sale price listed. The quality is on the low side for an original price of $80, but on sale at $30, you're basically getting what you pay for.

    I've used the camera extensively for 2 weeks on videos and on stream, and my review comes as follows:

    Build quality: 4/10
    Cheap plastic like most china products, and the USB chord wasn't long enough to reach my desktop on the floor.

    Video quality: 4/10
    For a a $30 camera, you definitely get what you pay for. The 720p quality is comparable to my old Logitech 480p webcam.

    Sound quality: 7/10
    Good for skyping if you don't have another microphone. Sounds muffled if you're too far away.

    Value: 4/10
    All in all, it's just a $30 Chinese clone webcam.

    For $30 it's definitely an ok price, but logitech makes better comparables for a very similar price.
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