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Discussion in 'Steam Games' started by Daikenki, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Daikenki

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    How did the community react when skins were added to the game? I ask because of what happened with Payday 2 recently.
  2. Evi

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    Some people were like "buhuuu csgo is tf2" and then trading and betting was introduced and the game hasn't quit growing since
  3. Aegis

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    The reaction isn't very comparable because in Payday 2, the skins actually give you an advantage in terms of stats over other players. Plus the fact that there's already 9000 DLCs (unlike CS:GO), contributed to the reaction. It's like they wanted to combined both business models and it failed.
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  4. Bonus

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    Basically what this guy said. I am just posting for postcount.

    But seriously, that's it. Betting is a very important part of CSGO, and payday.. yeah.. it won't work that way.
  5. Darkrevenge

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    I think the fact that pay day 2 has over 9000 pieces of DLC is adding even more salt. This is just seriously milking the remaining player base
  6. Bonus

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    Yeah, that should also be a big factor.